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Architectural visualisations – Wooden Houses

  • Architectural visualisations - Wooden Houses Kamzík
    Architectural visualisations – Wooden Houses Kamzík
  • Architectural visualisations - Wooden Houses Fačkov
    Architectural visualisations – Wooden Houses Fačkov
  • Architectural visualisations - Wooden Houses Lúčny hríb
    Architectural visualisations – Wooden Houses Lúčny hríb

Do u also think that traditional slovak holidays could be often nicer than a holiday at the sea? Picturesque wooden cottages surrounded by beautiful slovank enviromnent and nature are a living example. And there is quite a few of them! We are not afraid to call them a wooden gemstone, offering countless possibilities. Private wellness facilities, separate private land and parking space are more than obvious. However, it is clear to us that sitting all day in a cottage is not the real deal. After strenuous goofing around in the surrounding thermal baths, the cottage will give you irreplaceable relaxation and well-being. If you prefer something more challenging, the environment offers plenty of hiking trails, as well as ski slopes suitable for snowboarding or alpine skiing. The cabin will be your refuge after a busy day, and the pool, sauna, massage or bath tub will put you on your feet again.

Point your viewfinder to such areas and you will surely find the right place for a holiday with family and children, a relaxing or weekend stay interwoven with tradition and beautiful nature.


Wooden houses and cottages are, besides the above-mentioned benefits, your own reflection. So on purpose! What animal do you and your nature most identify with? If you found yourself in the behavior of a bear or a chamois, a large, massive, untreated woodhouse is perfect for you. If you see yourself rather in the predatory nature of a wolf, you will definitely find this character in the building.

We were involved in the realization of cottages, wooden houses together with the company PROFIBUILDING, s.r.o . Although we are not builders, architectural visualisations and building designs do not make us the slightest problem. We thus presented the design, which simulated the future image of these picturesque buildings. We have invented, drawn, created, consulted and selected a lot. Though you will not feel it on our visualisations, these houses are made of quality materials such as brushed wood, tiles or fractured natural stones. Results were visualizations of designs that you can see for yourself above. And precisely this idea, thanks to Profibuilding, later became a tangible and mainly living reality. And to visualize such a traditional Slovak architecture was a real pleasure!