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  • Product visualisations - Metrail
    Product visualisations – Metrail
  • Product visualisations - Other
    Product visualisations – Other
  • Interiour visualisations – KAMI Profit, Pub Vajnoria
    Interiour visualisations – KAMI Profit, Pub Vajnoria
  • Logo and manual - Hotel Menhard overview
    Logo and manual – Hotel Menhard overview
  • Poster - VODOTIKA, a.s. - Multifunctional building Bosákova Šustekova I. stage
    Poster – VODOTIKA, a.s. – Multifunctional building Bosákova Šustekova I. stage
  • Graphic prints - Patrick Hessel car
    Graphic prints – Patrick Hessel car
  • Designer concepts
    Designer concepts


  • Our cooperation with GDA-GROUP lasts almost a year. What siuts me the best is the time flexibility, willingness to embark on a project at the last minute and even so deliver an excellent result. What conforms me is a wide range of services, making no need to contact multiple suppliers. I appreciate the creativity, professional technical equipment, good prices compared to competitors and especially the enthusiasm and friendly approach. Veronika Repelová, projekt manager
    TECHO, Ltd.  ⇱

  • GDA-GROUP has created for us visualisations of Waterworks, which consists of weir, biocorridor, power station and outlying objects. Documentation is in the studio phase and that is why it was necessary in terms of better imagination to create a 3D model and subsequently visualisations, which were digitally placed into real photographs of the locality. Cooperation with GDA-GROUP was high-level as we consulted all phases of work continuously on meetings or through e-mail. The processing speed and precision of visualisations have met our expectations.

    Ing. Allan Bánik, Authorized civil engineer: Building and civil engineering – Waterworks
    VODOTIKA, Inc.  ⇱

  • Present time requires specialization. GDA-GROUP provides incomparable service adapted to the needs of our company. Precise processing of graphical output, visualizations and catalogues provides a valid picture of the quality of our work, which greatly improves the position of our company in the competitive struggle.

    D. C. L. Ján Belko, project manager
    SPAZIO, Ltd.  ⇱

  • Cooperation with GDA-Group was a great asset for our company. We aprreciate creativity and especially the flexibility and readiness, which is very important for us.

    Katarína Studeníková, marketing manager
    ZARES, Ltd.  ⇱

  • Our company cooperated with GDA-GROUP on several projects in the fashion area. We appreciate the professional and swift approach with the accent on detail. We highly reccomend company GDA-GROUP for your future projects.

    Nina Gašparíková, MA, CEO

  • The cooperation with the GDA GROUP includes the creation of visualization and renderings of our rescue equipment for helicopters type Airbus H135. As a base, our 3D CAD models were used, from which GDA GROUP created visualizations in various layouts. The quality of the renderings has perfectly fulfilled our expectations in every way, and we appreciated the very flexible nature and a very high level of commitment from GDA GROUP. We have experienced the GDA GROUP as a reliable and innovative business partners.

    Rolf Kraus – Director Sales & Program Management MIC
    Bucher Leichtbau AG  ⇱

  • Thank you very much for cooperation concerning the preparation of PPT presentation for TREND conference. The presentation was prepared in comlpiance with all our requrements and the communication with the supplier went without any complications.

    Mgr. Petra Austová – Senior marketing specialist
    Medirex  ⇱

  • On the cooperation with GDA-GROUP I appreciate several things. First of all, it is the professional and quality processing of our visualizations and interiors. Moreover the pro-client approach and availability for consultation by realization of chosen services. Another asset for me is reliability and a high level of flexibility.

    Bc. Radomír Minjarík
    Rado Rick designers, s.r.o.  ⇱

  • We have been working together with the GDA-GROUP on more than one project. We were very satisfied with the scale of services they provide, their quality, professional approach, deadline keeping and the precision of the final outcome. In case of need we will definitely follow up with our cooperation.

    Katarína Máčajová, security technician
    HACCP - SGA  ⇱

  • Our cooperation is based on the finalization of visualizations and architectonic drafts for our clients, either exterior or interior ones. Our form of cooperation is very effective thanks to excellent communication and the ability to customize the drafts.

    Ing. arch. Pavol Jarab
    ImpressARCH, LTD.  ⇱

  • I cooperate with GDA-GROUP for a long time. Together we were able to produce a lot of quality work based on good communication, high level of proficiency and conscientious approach to work. Our main priorities are reliability, punctuality, creativity, quality but above all - client’s satisfaction. We are not looking for obstacles, we are looking for solutions - this is why I like to cooperate with this company. Tibor Hunčík
    DIGITAL ARTist  ⇱

TECHO - Royal Ahrend Company
TECHO - Royal Ahrend Company
BUCHER - Aircraft Interior Solutions
BUCHER - Aircraft Interior Solutions
Volkswagen Slovakia
Volkswagen Slovakia
Tibor Hunčík
Tibor Hunčík

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